2017 Lunar5k

Stella's Stars

Stella Offutt, was my grandmother. She was witty, generous, faithful and kind. She was also spunky, resilient and faced challenges from head on. From an early age she had her battles. She fought a myriad of afflictions and her home life as a child was not always on point. She never let these early conflicts keep her from being all she could be. After developing a heart problem battling Rheumatic Fever, her limitations were heavy. However, she married and was still married to the same person a total of 61 years at the time of her death.  She was restricted from child birth, which in her strong will, did not keep her from birthing 4 children. I, for one, am forever grateful for her fighting spirit as one of those children later became my mother.  She still traveled when she could, attended to what she could and took care of her family at every opportunity. We run for Stella, which means star, because she wanted us to be healthy, to be alive and enjoy every ounce of life that exists in every single day. We , her stars, shine for her with every stride.

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